We Care,
We Dare,
We Have Fun!

We keep things simple, we act fast and deliver what we promise. OPPLE people make it possible.

OPPLE HQ Eindhoven (Europe office)

Meet OPPLE Lighting!

We are one of the top-10 leading lighting companies in the world, with more than 20 years of experience and active in over 70 countries! 

We deliver Innovative and Cost-Efficient Products


"We keep things simple; we act fast and

deliver what we promise"

Opple Lighting Installer

4 reasons to choose OPPLE Lighting.

  1. At OPPLE Lighting we deliver high quality, affordable, easy-to-install and easy-to-use LED Lighting
  2. We own the Largest Lighting Campus in the world (1,2 million m2) located in Shanghai, China.
  3. OPPLE Lighting holds more than 2000 patents and expands with 400 patents per year
  4. Great Local Service and Support

Our secret?

That is our unique company culture. OPPLE Lighting established its presence in Europe with just a small team in early 2014. Our company has continued to grow over the last years. Our employees represent our company and values, and are dedicated to serve and surprising our customers.   

We Dare to challenge ourselves every day. 

We Care about our customers and every member of the team and most of all …

We Have Fun doing it! 

OPPLE people make it possible.


We collaborate with highly professional and well-known distribution partners, detailing and distributing our products to you in the most efficient way.

Want to be part of our journey? 

Experience what OPPLE can do for you!

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